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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Blue State Blues

The thinking (nearly) half of the population is feeling pretty blue this Inauguration Day. Like most GLBT's, I'm feeling downright scared. But, take heart! Here's my list of reasons not to slit my wrists, leave the country, return to the closet or otherwise give up.

1. We always get more accomplished during repressive regimes. During Clinton, we got the Defense of Marriage Act and Don't Ask/Don't Tell. During W, we got overturning all sodomy laws and the first legal marriages of same-sex couples. Never underestimate the power of being the underdog in this country.

2. All of the prior attempts to stack the Supreme Court have failed. The reason: Justices serve for life. They don't have to kowtow to any constituency once they have the job. The majority of justices who voted to overturn sodomy laws were appointed by Republicans for their "conservative" beliefs. Never underestimate the power of unintended consequences.

3. W has created such an unholy mess with his idiotic foreign policy. Now, he's going to have to clean up after himself. Never underestimate the power of bad potty training.

4. We are divided into two camps in this country. Those who live by intellect, and those who live by faith. When I was growing up, the goal was to live by both. Now the faithful have no intellect, and the intellectuals have no faith. But both sides CAN evolve into something more integrated. Never underestimate the power of synthesis.

5. Finally, America ultimately responds to HOPE. Bush was elected on the basis of FEAR. In West Virginia, Republicans received mailings saying that Democrats were going to ban the Bible. In Florida, Hispanics received mailings saying that Democrats were anti-Catholic -- conveniently ignoring the fact that our candidate was Catholic. Fear of terrorism. Fear of a change in leadership during wartime. Even fear of that most dreaded of all evils - Gay Marriage!!! But fear never creates any progress, which is why we Americans tire of fear so quickly. Never underestimate the power of HOPE.

The next successful candidate will be the one who leads the country out of fear, into hope. Let's work our asses off to make sure that person is on our side next time.